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October 30, 2012 – 10:26 am

Look out your window right now. With any luck, you can see leaves. With a smidge more luck, they are changing color. While October riots here on the East Coast, nothing begs to be worshiped like fall foliage. Walking anywhere takes twice as long, as you’re constantly bending over to stash the prettiest of the pretty in your pocket. Instead of hoarding singles, let’s be proactive and clip a little on the branch to mix in with other seasonal flowers, fruits and seedpods for a fall foliage display that will make you want to ignore all social engagements. Push the limit of the standard “harvest” color palette, and you’ll want to look lovingly into the eyes of your flowers all the cold night long. — Amy Merrick

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Starting with a few gathered, rusty brown oak leaves in a $10 vintage gold lusterware pitcher, make a base with their stems to hold your larger flowers.

Pomegranates are just coming into season, and a few on the branch add a painterly twist to an arrangement. iercing a few from Stop and Shop with shish kabob skewers will do the trick. A couple dahlia stems (grown by Frances Palmer, master of all things good and green on this earth), Persian carpet zinnias and Chinese lanterns round out an arrangement that consists of only a few elements and can be put together in no time. easy as pomegranate pie.

Another, more classically spooky fall arrangement starts with a small block of soaked oasis floral foam and several orangey-gold maple leaves. A thrift store footed compote makes a dressy centerpiece, but don’t forget to water it every day — dried out foam is death to flowers.

Source: www.designsponge.com

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I go three to four times a year to the one where

My great grandmother is buried. It's a small private cemetery and the family who owns it has it mowed, but I go out and get rid of old dead flowers or faded silks and put fresh ones and in the fall and winter clear debris and leaves, also clean up her's and grandpa's stones.
My grandmother is buried in a big cemetery and they don't even allow flower arrangements or headstones, just little plaques, so I only go there once a year.
DD loves babies, and she thinks of K_____ as her's to share for some reason, lol. K______ is such a good baby she almost gives me baby fever, almost, but not quite.

Mills Floral Maple Leaf Garland
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