Fall Flower arrangements for headstones

List of supplies to make flower arrangements for headstones

July 6, 2014 – 04:58 pm


Flower arrangements for headstones can be humorous or profound.

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Adorning a headstone with flowers to honour the passing of a loved one is an important and profound task. While different regions might have different norms or traditions concerning grave flowers, there are many similarities between their supplies and techniques. Creating flower arrangements for headstones becomes an easier task if several key supplies are included in the preparation.


You will need to have either artificial or natural flowers to arrange on the headstone. Artificial flowers may be purchased at craft stores or flower-specific businesses. Real flowers will wither much more quickly than artificial flowers, but may be preferred by some because of their scent and natural appearance. Geraniums are often used for headstone flower arrangements because of their natural hardiness and resistance to sunlight. When constructing a flower arrangement, it is best to purchase more flowers than you will use, just in case a flower or two becomes unusable.

Floral Foam

Floral foam is a spongy material that acts as the base support for the flower arrangement. The stems of the flowers are inserted into the floral foam in whatever configuration is desired. If real flowers are being used, the foam may be soaked in water; this extends the lives of the flowers and keeps them looking fresh. The foam may be placed in a vase or other container, and often needs to be carefully cut to size with scissors.


While flowers are and should be the focus of a flower arrangement, many headstone arrangements also use moss, ferns, leaves, or grasses to provide contrast and beauty. Greenery may also be artificial, and can be purchased in speciality stores. Experiment with different combinations of flowers and greenery to make the kind of arrangement you want to leave for the headstone.

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I go three to four times a year to the one where

My great grandmother is buried. It's a small private cemetery and the family who owns it has it mowed, but I go out and get rid of old dead flowers or faded silks and put fresh ones and in the fall and winter clear debris and leaves, also clean up her's and grandpa's stones.
My grandmother is buried in a big cemetery and they don't even allow flower arrangements or headstones, just little plaques, so I only go there once a year.
DD loves babies, and she thinks of K_____ as her's to share for some reason, lol. K______ is such a good baby she almost gives me baby fever, almost, but not quite.

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