Autumn Wedding Flowers for the Church

August 19, 2014 – 12:55 am

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Need ideas for Autumn Wedding Flowers for the church ceremony? See the pictures below for ideas for a unity candle, an altar spray, a pew clip, and a candelabra spray.

Autumn Unity Candle

Unity candles can be decorated with autumn flowers in an OASIS® FLORACAGE® Holder or an OASIS® Ring Holder . This is beautiful way to decorate your unity candle. It can be done ahead of time so it is ready to place at a moments notice.

Be sure to lay a protective film of clear vinyl between the table top and the flowers. The ring encircles the Unity Candle and the Floracage lays in front of it for a dropped table edge spray as below.

The make a spray that hangs on a candelabra. Use the FLORACAGE® for a large flower arrangement and the pew holder for a spray of greens with just a few flowers.

Fall Flowers Decorations for the Altar

This simple fan spray is larger than it looks. Remember to take the size of the church into consideration when you make flowers for the church. It may look big at home - but get swallowed up in the open vastness of the sanctuary.

I suggest you use cheaper flowers to keep the floral cost down and still look very large.

Here are some other flower and decorating pages you may enjoy:

You can see examples of Autumn Centerpieces

A pew clip holder can do double duty on the candelabras, to decorate the pew ends or on the edge of a baptism tank as shown. They give a water source of flower foam which keeps the flowers fresh throughout the service.

Pew End Floral Arrangements

is only one of many wedding pages found on this site. Find wedding flower pictures, wedding centerpieces, flower arranging lessons and more!


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