Floral Color Palettes for Summer and Fall Weddings

September 10, 2014 – 04:34 am

floral arrangement Floral Color Palettes for Summer and Fall WeddingsCoral calla lilies and vivid violets and golden gerbers, oh my!

When it comes to flowers, there are approximately a gazillion different varieties, colors, and sizes, with new hybrids being created each season. It’s hard enough to decide which flowers to choose, and then when a new color pops up, that just perfectly matches the bridesmaid dresses, and it’s back to the drawing board.

Bridesmaids’ flowers matching their dresses perfectly.
Image: Oncewed

Those who decide to marry in the summer can be overwhelmed with the options, as the season’s flowers are plentiful. Nearly any color can be considered a summer shade, be it yellow for the sun, blue for the ocean or the purples of the mountains. Color is no limit, but that doesn’t mean you have to go crazy.

bouquet accents Floral Color Palettes for Summer and Fall WeddingsWith light blue being a popular summer color theme, flowers in bright corals and light oranges add a nice pop against aqua and minty blues. These colors are great for an afternoon wedding, adding a fun splash of color.

Light orange with a teal make for a beautiful, summery, arrangement.
Image: loverly

For a calmer atmosphere, or evening affairs, turquoise and dark purple are making an appearance again as a popular summer duo. A lot of brides also turn to the actual flowers for inspiration, pairing a yellow, like the pollen found in the center of a favorite flower, with purples.

Autumn weddings are a little different. Many brides choose autumn for the rich red, orange and yellow backdrop the season naturally offers. One less decoration you have to worry about. Ombré and monotone arrangements are perfect for autumn, so as not to distract from the many colors of the season.

A single color bouquet accents the different textures and shapes.
Image: jesgordon

Having the same flower, in slightly different shades, makes for a stunning ombré centerpieces or bouquets. Start with creams and pale yellows around the bottom, and gradually work up to rich golds. For a single color be it orange or burgundy, choose three types of flowers in differing shapes and sizes to create a beautiful uni-color bouquet.

A gradient arrangement is sure to leave an impression on guests.
Image: Wedding and Event News

Best yet, give it a piece of yourself! Choose favorite shades of your favorite flower, and work it into a dream arrangement.

Source: www.hansonellis.com

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Winter wedding vs late summer or fall

Hi all, I am in the very early stages of the wedding planning, and I have two visions-
1. a summer wedding with flowers blooming, bright colors, etc. More casual and relaxed, and inside/outside
2. a winter wedding with either deep red or deep blue as the main color. I love deep red roses especially against a white background. This vision is more formal, but still fun. The ceremony would be outside, but the reception inside.
I have a VERY fancy formal-type dress (CL bargain, couldn't resist)and I am in school to be a teacher. Summer was my first choice, because I would have free time between graduation and starting work

Fall colors...

My boyfriend's sister got married in early September. Her wedding colors were orange and blue.
Flowers were roses with shades of orange/red/yellow and peacock feathers.
Bridesmaids/groomsmen wore cascading shades of blue (groom had orange tie). Dark blue dress/tie, medium blue dress/tie, light blue dress/tie and silver dress/tie (for bridesmaid/best man).
It worked out really well. Even if you have a smaller wedding party (I know I will...), oranges, reds and blues go well together, especially for a fall wedding.

Comment on weather from californian

I moved to Portland from Oakland, CA over two years ago with some of the same fears and wild stories from California about the "awful" weather in Oregon. Since I had such low expectations, I have been pleasantly surprised by the weather. I find there is sun all year, at least for a portion of the day in which I can get outdoors. Summers are glorious with crystal clear blue skies, moderate/low humidity, and the occasional rainy day (once or twice a month at most in summer) to freshen the beautiful green nature. Spring is very long, lasting from early March to early June, with flowering plants and trees to enjoy throughout the season

I suggest you and your FH

Decide on your total budget and then generally break it down according to how much for your dress and his tux (if so)... then how much is left for your venue.
Then I would find a venue that fits your style and your budget and move on with setting a date and reserving the venue.
Then decide how much is left for flowers, the reception, music if you are having any, photographs (if being done professionally) etc.
Everything will amazingly fall into place once your get your venue.
AND, early in this process it is very important that you and your FH decide who is doing what toward the wedding planning

Has anyone made their own bouquet?

I went to a bridal expo over the weekend and took a hard look at some of the bouquets. Here is some of what I saw....20 small lilys of the valley, stems cut short-ish and nicely wraped in white ribbon, couple of pins (all for the fab price of $150!)...am I missing something here?
Any ideas for good flowers to use (fall colors, early fall wedding) to do the same thing? If I were to do it myself, how many days in advance can I put the flowers together without them wilting? Put them in the fridge to keep them fresh? Ideas? Suggestions?

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