Fall DIY Wedding Flowers

May 20, 2014 – 11:20 am

wedding-bouquetWeddings are celebrations of love – not just for the person you are marrying, but also for the people you love invited to witness it. With that in mind, I was honored to be asked by my mother to do the flowers for her late fall/early winter wedding. It makes the celebration that much more special to have it come together with the help of your loved ones.

There was a short turn around to the big day and some kinks to work out in the plan. First off, late November is a seasonally confused time. People are hanging up holiday lights and dreaming of snow, but the winter solstice doesn’t happen until December 21st. We decided to blend the two seasons – keeping it more fall/harvest oriented with a touch of winter.

Another challenge was the limited list of seasonally available flowers. You can always have tulips flown in from Australian, but that’s not quite our style. Luckily, every florist always has access to the old standbys: roses, carnations, and popular filler flowers. Those also come in a wide range of colors, which made them a natural choice for our plant palette (not to mention my mom adores carnations).wedding-eucalyptus own:

  • Roses: cream, red and yellow with orange edges
  • Carnations: white, red, yellow with orange edges
  • Astromeria (good filler flower): red, yellow, orange, white
  • Seeded eucalyptus: green-blue foliage
  • Rose hips: tiny ones

Typically only florists have direct access to the wholesale flower market. My advice is to pick a local flower supplier who consistently has great quality blooms. In this case, I talked to the flower gal at New Seasons and she helped me put together a bulk flower order. They also gave me 10% off, since the order total was over 0 bucks.rose-hips s before the wedding.

Why four days early? I wanted to give the flowers time to open up. You can prevent them from opening if you keep them cool, like in the fridge, but I let all of them hang out in the kitchen for a couple days to get really full. If ones seemed to be getting too full, I moved them to the chilly basement.

I had to “process” the flowers the day I brought them home. That meant filling up buckets of fresh, cold water for them to drink. I made fresh cuts at the base of all the stems and stripped off all leaves below the flower heads. I also de-thorned the roses, which is typically not done for you when you buy in bulk. They come packed and wrapped really tight from the market, so I gave them all enough wiggle room to open up nice and wide.

Assembling the arrangements was a synch, but time consuming. My sister came over with me the day before the wedding and we put everything together from about 10am-5pm. We worked our way through a few bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and lots of centerpieces. There were about 16 centerpieces to be exact – two for each table, since the tables were long and narrow.

We kept it simple by using quart jars for vases, which makes it easy for folks to take them home after the reception. My sister put together half of the centerpieces with roses, astromeria, seeded eucalyptus and tiny rose hips.

wedding-flowers-bulk wedding-flower-processing wedding-flowers-blooms wedding-roses

Source: www.hipchickdigs.com

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Winter wedding vs late summer or fall

Hi all, I am in the very early stages of the wedding planning, and I have two visions-
1. a summer wedding with flowers blooming, bright colors, etc. More casual and relaxed, and inside/outside
2. a winter wedding with either deep red or deep blue as the main color. I love deep red roses especially against a white background. This vision is more formal, but still fun. The ceremony would be outside, but the reception inside.
I have a VERY fancy formal-type dress (CL bargain, couldn't resist)and I am in school to be a teacher. Summer was my first choice, because I would have free time between graduation and starting work

Fall colors...

My boyfriend's sister got married in early September. Her wedding colors were orange and blue.
Flowers were roses with shades of orange/red/yellow and peacock feathers.
Bridesmaids/groomsmen wore cascading shades of blue (groom had orange tie). Dark blue dress/tie, medium blue dress/tie, light blue dress/tie and silver dress/tie (for bridesmaid/best man).
It worked out really well. Even if you have a smaller wedding party (I know I will...), oranges, reds and blues go well together, especially for a fall wedding.

Comment on weather from californian

I moved to Portland from Oakland, CA over two years ago with some of the same fears and wild stories from California about the "awful" weather in Oregon. Since I had such low expectations, I have been pleasantly surprised by the weather. I find there is sun all year, at least for a portion of the day in which I can get outdoors. Summers are glorious with crystal clear blue skies, moderate/low humidity, and the occasional rainy day (once or twice a month at most in summer) to freshen the beautiful green nature. Spring is very long, lasting from early March to early June, with flowering plants and trees to enjoy throughout the season

I suggest you and your FH

Decide on your total budget and then generally break it down according to how much for your dress and his tux (if so)... then how much is left for your venue.
Then I would find a venue that fits your style and your budget and move on with setting a date and reserving the venue.
Then decide how much is left for flowers, the reception, music if you are having any, photographs (if being done professionally) etc.
Everything will amazingly fall into place once your get your venue.
AND, early in this process it is very important that you and your FH decide who is doing what toward the wedding planning

Has anyone made their own bouquet?

I went to a bridal expo over the weekend and took a hard look at some of the bouquets. Here is some of what I saw....20 small lilys of the valley, stems cut short-ish and nicely wraped in white ribbon, couple of pins (all for the fab price of $150!)...am I missing something here?
Any ideas for good flowers to use (fall colors, early fall wedding) to do the same thing? If I were to do it myself, how many days in advance can I put the flowers together without them wilting? Put them in the fridge to keep them fresh? Ideas? Suggestions?

David's Garden Seeds Flower Lisianthus Arena D1767.A (Red) 25 Pelleted Seeds by David's Garden Seeds
Lawn & Patio (David's Garden Seeds)
  • Days to Bloom: 140 to 150
  • Non-GMO, easy to grow and hand packed here in the United States by David s Garden Seeds
  • Best for summer and early fall production
  • Unusually colored blooms are reminiscent of an antique tea rose.
  • Germination rate: 70%

Inspired by Nature Imitation Silk Burgundy & Green Rose with Hydrangea and Peony Bouquet
Art and Craft Supply (Inspired by Nature)
  • Imitation Silk Burgundy & Green Rose with Hydrangea and Peony Bouquet
  • Height: 10 From Bottom of Stem to Top of Bloom - 7 diameter
  • Better than fresh arrangements, this bundle will never wilt.
  • Perfect as is or add to other florals for a early fall look
  • Use in Weddings, At Showers, Parties, or in Displays
Inspired by Nature Imitation Silk Eggplant & Lavender Ranunculus Hydrangea Bouquet
Art and Craft Supply (Inspired by Nature)
  • Imitation Silk Eggplant & Lavender Ranunculus Hydrangea Bouquet
  • Height: 10 From Bottom of Stem to Top of Bloom - 7 diameter
  • Better than fresh arrangements, this bundle will never wilt.
  • Perfect as is or add to other florals for a early fall look
  • Use in Weddings, At Showers, Parties, or in Displays

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