Fall Flower Arrangements for Your DIY Wedding!

August 7, 2014 – 11:34 pm



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Fall is approaching and fall wedding plans are coming together. Many brides dream of their fall wedding with bright oranges, vibrant reds, and pale yellows. The smell of pumpkins and fall harvest make this time of year just inimitable. Here is some inspiration for all of DIY brides preparing to arrange for their fall weddings!

Here are some ideas you can use for you fall flowers arrangements:

Hypericum: Use hypericum to add texture and red accents to your mostly orange flower arrangements. It is a tasteful way to add red and green while filling the smaller spaces in an arrangement.

Curly Willow: Use curly willow to add edge to a traditional fall arrangement. The picture above shows a plain arrangement of orange orchids accented and complete with the sophisticated curly willow. A great way to incorporate the earthy tone of brown in the arrangements.

Lots of Fillers SAVE YOU MONEY: Fall flowers are great for the DIY Bride on a budget, because green and earthy tones are so important to the fall color scheme you can buy more fillers than flowers.

Source: blog.bloomsbythebox.com

Oddity Oddity Mini Pumpkins and Fall Leaves 2" Accent Ring
Home (Oddity)
  • Mini pumpkins adorn 2 accent rings creating a darling fall update
  • 2 rings fit most votive holders

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Red fall wedding flowers

Fall is great time of year for wedding flowers
Is it that you want just any deep red flowers or do you want roses in particular?
Were you aware that there are less expensive places to get red roses?
Although it is fine to use other flowers, if you really want roses and you want to stick to a sensible budget you can do it
If you have a very reliable friend or two you can have them go get the flowers the day before or the morning of your wedding and arrange them for you
If you have some one willing to LISTEN to you and carefully plan out your flowers you can save a lot of money

Septic system plants, trees, and flowers

Septic systems should be kept accessible for repairs, and clearly marked for future reference. It is worth it to fence off the area and post several strong, large signs clearly showing where the system is, including leech fields. This will also reduce your liability for various lawsuits.
As for maples, many have invasive roots and can do considerable damage over time, you should probably move them now before they become harder to dig out.
If you want to plant over the septic area a good choice is to use raised beds. Evergreen perrenial plants with shallow roots or inexpensive re-seeding annuals would be better

Scarlet Firethorn Shrub Seeds - Pyracantha coccinea SEED - SHOWY FLOWER ~ A+ BONSAI - Berries Are Great For Jellies - Zone 5 - 9 (0030 Seeds - 30 Seeds - Pkt. Size)
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  • Scarlet Firethorn Shrub Seeds
  • Pyracantha coccinea SEED
  • SHOWY FLOWER ~ A+ BONSAI - Berries Are Great For Jellies
  • Zone 5 - 9
  • Scarlet Firethorn, Pyracantha coccinea, Shrub SeedsPyracantha coccinea is the European species of Firethorn that has been cultivated in gardens since the late 16th...

Better Homes and Gardens Container Gardens: Fresh Ideas for Creating Beautiful Potted Gardens
Book (Better Homes and Gardens)
6' Mini Oak Leaf Garland Mixed (Pack of 6)
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  • Artificial Autumn Mini Oak Leaf Silk Garland - 6 Foot Long
  • Measures 6 foot long
  • Adds a bit of color to fall weddings, parties or decorating.
  • Perfect for decorating a special event or to enhance your home decor.
  • Also add this garland to other silk flowers, creating a stunning centerpiece.

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