Cheap Bouquet Inspired Fall Mantel

June 22, 2014 – 03:35 pm

mantel1So, confession. My mantel has looked like this since spring. Not bad you say? Look a little closer… Those are baskets, Easter Baskets! Yes, they are part of the decor I bring out before the holiday, and if you looked inside the yellow one you’d see a plastic easter egg that never made it back to the basement storage. I justified that they match the living room and baskets can be part of decor all year round, but when I look at them I see spring/Easter decor. Ehhh. Doug did a random grocery run and returned with these! Kroger flowers. Actually this is only part of them – the best of the wild bouquet.mantel2 uquets have a lot of filler with the pretties. Do you know what I am saying? So I pulled out all of my favorites an put them in my tall favorite vase. Gorgeous. Happy. Smiling in our kitchen to greet me each time I pass through. I had a plan for the other un-matching basic flowers that had been thrown in with these original beauties. The mantel! Yes, it was time, and why not spread the flowers a bit further. Truth is I pinned this picture the day or so before.

mantel4The mismatched vases with different flowers were adorable (source)! When I saw my cheap bouquet I thought, “I can make those flowers go a lot farther!” I went searching through my stash to see what I had to use. Most of my vases are too large for this look, but then I came upon the vintage punch glasses that accompanied my broken punch bowl. They were actually in my goodwill pile, but found their “Christmas Destiny” (name that 90′s TV comedy).
I was excited to bring these cups back to life and utilize flowers that were just filling space instead of drawing attention to themselves. One great thing about this set up is that as the flowers die, I can discard and move the cups around. The gerbera daisy on the end won’t make it much longer.

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