Tongue in Cheek

June 18, 2014 – 02:55 pm

Jardin1Spring is in the air and our garden was in need of a haircut. French Husband, Sacha, and I set out with clippers after breakfast. We are amateur gardeners, who debate where and how much to trim. It is a guessing game our garden labor.
Luckily, the garden plants are sturdy and have weathered time with our seasonal haircuts... and survived.

Our garden (jardin in French) is small. As we live in a dry climate, we have planted plants that do not need much water.IMG_5222 at I call it), autumn crocus, yellow jasmine, sage, iris, a grape vine without grapes, orange trumpets (another one of my names) and ivy.

Oh and we have a ton of fake topiaries . They never need a haircut, nor water, talk about low maintenance. They make us feel like pro gardeners.

There are two mushrooms in our yard. Sacha wanted to paint them white with red dots on top. Thankfully, French Husband and I voted the same; Sacha lost by one vote.

Fake plant

I bought the mushrooms at my favorite second hand store. A table and a bench came with them. The set is made out of cement and heavier than the earth itself. A mover brought the pieces to our house. BUT, BUT, BUT the table did not fit through the doorway!!! The table is hanging out at a friend's house until I can figure out what to do... cutting the table is the only option and one I am trying to avoid.

The other day I met Massilianana, who reads my blog, she is French, who was living in Brazil but has since moved back to Marseilles. Lucky me! Massilianana gave me this jasmine plant.Jardin France p>

A reality photo. The clippings. Since we are not allowed to throw yard clippings in the garbage, nor can we burn them, we have to take them to the dump. As our car is not a pickup, nor very big, dumping yard clippings makes gardening an adventure. French Husband tied the clippings into a bundle. Aren't they attractive like that?

Note: Our neighbors have a small garden too, on the other side of that wall. Their bamboo is a natural shade for the window.

Our doorway Jardin hanging plant Jardin mushrooms Jardin fountain


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Plants, kids, and pets??

Please check before you plant. Many common garden plants can make a child or a pet severely ill if not kill them. Put in "list common garden plants poison" and look at the websites. All parts of some plants, and only specific parts of other plants are toxic. These are just a few.
Daffodils, hyacinths
Castor Bean
Autumn crocus, Star of Bethlehem
Daphne, wisteria
Rhodys, azaleas
If you have children or pets please check before you plant.

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