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December 17, 2012 – 06:16 am

Growing Crocuses in Ireland – How to Plant Crocus Bulbs

Crocuses are a great little spring flower and will grow pretty much anywhere around the world. They add a vibrant dash of colour to your spring garden. Once the weather starts to get chillier in autumn, it’s time to start things about planting your crocus bulbs.

A normal crocus plant will grow to around three to four inches tall. Crocuses are highly prolific and will usually spurn extra bulbs which can then be separated and replanted to grow new crocus flowers.

Growing conditions for crocuses

Crocus Bulbs should be sown several inches apart and spaced evenly. Crocuses prefer sunny locations. When planting your crocus bulbs, make sure that the planting hole is at least 2-3 inches deep. You could use a bulb planter for this job, see video below. Sometimes it’s nice to have a layer of mulch on top of the covered hole but this is not really necessary in Ireland, as the weather conditions don’t get cold enough (tell that to me toes last year!) and as the crocus is a hardy little plant, it can survive pretty much anything the Irish weather can throw at it.

Possibly a Wexford Fan???

As usual, the crocus prefers well drained soil but in fact, it will grow just about anywhere there is a decent amount of sunlight.


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