Sponsor a display of autumn crocus (Colchicum speciosum)

May 16, 2014 – 10:26 am

FDN_Kew_CommemBulb_ColchicumCloseUpSponsoring one of Kew’s renowned bulb displays is a special way to celebrate the life of a loved one or to remember a special anniversary or family event.

Autumn crocus, also known as meadow saffron, brings a welcome splash of colour on the Holly Walk from August through to October.

Personal dedication

  • All gifts are recorded on Kew's Commemorative Touchscreen Register.
  • The register at Kew Gardens is located in the Secluded Garden glasshouse.

Named after Colchis, a mountainous area bordering the Black Sea in Georgia, Colchicum speciosum is also native to Europe, North Africa, Asia, as well as Northern India and Western China.

In mythology they are said to be the first plant species to have grown from drops of the potion brewed by the enchantress Medea, daughter of the the king of Colchis, to restore youth to the ageing Aeson. The plant is the source of the drug colchicine, still used in the treatment for gout.

FDN_Kew_Commem_Bulbs_Colchicum2Colchicum speciosum is an autumn-flowering corm, with pink/purple flowers appearing from August through to October, with the leaves emerging later. They reach 15-20 cm in height.

Common names include meadow saffron and autumn crocus.

Sponsor a display of flowering bulbs or phone us on 0208 332 3200 (Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm) to make a donation by card.

The autumn crocus at Kew Gardens

Holly Walk was one of the avenues planted by Sir Joseph Hooker in 1874, and was formerly Love Lane, the dividing line between the two estates, which now make up Kew Gardens.

Colchicum is part of the Colchicaceae family.

Sponsor a display of flowering bulbs

Choose the plant species that you would like to sponsor at Kew Gardens from the list below.

These bulb displays are available for sponsorship of £250 each and funds raised will be used for the planting and maintenance of the Gardens.

Flowering bulbs available at Kew Gardens

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How you are helping

09 Nov 2012
This year, Kew is taking part in the 'Big Give Christmas Challenge', a campaign to encourage philanthropic giving by matching a donors’ gift. Effectively your donation to the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership could be doubled! We need to raise £50, 000 for next year’s seed collecting trips, as well as expanding our work on using existing collections. Please note: This campaign ran from 6 to 19 December 2012 and has now finished.

21 Aug 2012
A recent donation from a Kew supporter will give more of our visitors the chance to explore our beautiful Gardens.

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Late planting for bulbs

You "can" plant bulbs at any time until they dry up & die. However, you may not get flowers the first year, and of course they will do by far the best if they are planted at the proper time (for crocus, autumn). However, crocus naturalize superbly. You can always tuck them into some corner where they will not get mowed or dug up, even if it is not in your main flower bed, & give them a chance at life. They will be happier than if you chuck them in the trash, & will eventually reward you well.

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