My garden mid July

July 23, 2012 – 09:24 am

rosa complicata in my garden, richard kell.

Like most people I have many interests, not just workshop and it seems silly not to share this. I apologise for the rambling length of this film, but the subject matter seems to require it. At 08:16 in the youtube embed a juvenile thrush appears and photographs beautifully in the dappled shade.

Twenty two years ago when we first moved to this house I planted thirty two distinct named varieties or species of rose, including a 'Complicata' hedge, all pre-planned and backed by much reading. We've lost maybe a quarter since then and it is right to say that the garden itself decides what will grow, ie soil structure, moisture, light levels.

The garden has many layers of planting that are successively revealed as the seasons roll rose res a day of the year when there isn't a flower of some sort in bloom. And I was delighted a few years back when my new neighbour said "You have this planted just for the birds" ... yes !! There is very little bare earth here, what i crave is abundance.

'Constance Spry'Hint ... never mulch crocus with garden compost material .. it will kill them !!

Also an excellent trap for slugs is a brick turned cavity down, then snip them with scissors. These bricks are useful to walk on as stepping stones in more obscure areas, minimises soil compaction.

I never clean away leaf fall, organic debris is essential for a healthy worm community, benificial micro-organisms, algae, molds etc and also the blackbirds are drawn to leaf litter, to turn it over looking for food. For many years i have actually brought in woodland leaf fall, but be careful to know the land you collect from and that it doesn't harbour the dreaded lesser celandine in spring.

Heres some pics from the same day ......


Complicata above, part of the hedge I planted twenty two years ago, apparently Vita Sackville-Wests favourite rose.

The above is 'Constance Spry' named after the 'woman that did the flowers' for the 1953 Coronation. Its an excellent rose and after a couple of years of not doing much (due to shade) after a prune last year it has put on a good show. As with all my roses I used David Austin.

Pauls Himalayan hedgerow honeysuckle birdbox successful birdbox


StarwestBotanicals Saffron Whole - Crocus sativus, 1 oz
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