My first yellow autumn crocus, Sternbergia lutea

March 22, 2014 – 02:04 am

9-24-cro-y.jpgSeveral bulbs of yellow autumn crocus were planted last fall in both my front and back gardens.

The first single yellow flower opened up a few days ago and I realized that I had not noticed the long, slender, thick, dark-green leaves resembling those of narcissus and daffodils that must have preceeded the bloom.


There have been more green leaves breaking through the ground, but so far only one flower is in bloom. I am certain that there will be several more.

Unlike the purple autumn crocus 'naked ladies', which belongs in the family Colchicaceae; the yellow crocus belongs in the family Amaryllidaceae, tribe Narcisseae and genus Sternbergia.


The yellow autumn crocus are unmistakably shaped like the spring yellow crocus.


The flower has six stamens. The color is a bit lighter than the spring yellow crocus abvoe, but just as lovely and pleasing to look at.

9-26-cro-y.jpg 3-23-cro-y.jpg 9-26-yellow-cro.jpg


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