Falling Away

July 11, 2012 – 11:01 am

Labor Day, the unofficial end of one season and beginning of another, is a transitional time like no other. It might be a time to enjoy the fall foliage, collect gourds and marvel at mum selections, but this change of seasons just doesn’t excite me like other times of the year. It’s hard to describe why “Fall Back” doesn’t feel as fresh and filled with anticipation as “Spring Forward.”

Don’t get me wrong, I like fall. I even like winter (for the most part) and I do appreciate crisp autumn mornings, the sight of pumpkins on doorsteps and coaxing bulbs indoors. But it’s not the same as seeing the buds form on D.C.’s cherry blossoms or naturalized daffodils lining busy thoroughfares.

Fall is an important phase in a garden’s life cycle but with less instant gratification for the gardener. The vast majority of benefits from this season’s hard work won’t be in evidence until next year. Plants are following their calendar without our help and as some begin to show signs of going dormant, I can’t help but wonder who, or what, will return next spring.

Before I’m ready to shout “LAST CALL” to the perennial bed, I’ll enjoy the lycoris radiata’s brilliant, curly, filaments triumphantly rising above its shriveling neighbors. I love the long lasting bloom (perfect for bouquets).

Source: www.rootsinreality.com

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