Autumn Crocus the Cancer Killer

April 1, 2014 – 03:29 am

Autumn Crocus, according to Bradford University researchers, forms an effective anti-cancer drug with no side effects. The researchers conclude that the plant is appropriate for treating, bowel, lung, prostate, and breast cancer.

The Autumn Crocus drug is meant to ignite and only become functional on reaching the target tumor. The drug has the capability of circulating in the bloodstream to wipe out cancer cells which have spread. One good thing about the Autumn Crocus drug is that, it only destroys the cancer causing cells but leaves healthy cells and tissues unharmed. The Autumn Crocus drug is also said to be effective all types of solid tumors.

The medicinal properties of the Autumn Crocus plant have been known over years and are not a new thing. The toxicity nature of the plant makes it effective in killing cancer-causing cells in human bodies. The drug kills the cancer cells by preventing the supply of blood to the solid tumors and hence killing them by starving them of nutrients and oxygen.


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