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June 23, 2014 – 03:35 pm

Hi everyone... I have another flower tutorial for you all! Its based on the same premise as my "layer, wet and squish" roses, but uses a new die from Spellbinders, the Aster Flower Topper.

I was drawn to these because of the cute petal shape, but found when they arrived that they had a extra cut line in the petal {because who reads descriptions right?} but it's sooooo cool, was a really lovely surprise!!

You will need:

8x8 sheet of Patterned Paper

Mix'd Media Inx {Jasmine}

Awl and Plain Brad

Water Mister

Cut 2 layers of each from the Aster Die set, these will cut out of an 8x8 sheet of paper.
You'll need to poke a hole through the centers on these first, and then layer them smallest to largest and secure with a brad. Offset the petals. I have reversed the papers on each layer to get a 'variegated' look.

Wet the layers with a water mister and then bring the petals up around the brad a layer at a time, scrunching the smallest ones to form a 'bud'.

Take care with the remaining petals as they will separate with the inner cut. Squish them around the lower part of the petal, leaving the fragile tops free, misting with more water through the middle if needed.

Dab Jasmine Mix'd Media Inx to the top of the petals...

then spray with water to allow the ink to run.

Slowly open the petals, pushing outwards...

dry it off with a heat gun or let dry overnight and you're done!!

It creates a cute, funky flower which is quick to make and has lots of 'floof' without needing a whole pile of layers!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!

Thanks for visiting, take care and

Source: mistrabutterfly.blogspot.com

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