Matsumoto Aster flowers

Common name: "Matsumoto Aster" Latin name: Aster species

April 17, 2014 – 06:04 am

Matsumoto Aster. Deep Purple
Native to: Hybrid

Useful as:

A large mass flower


7 - 10 days depending on bud stage

Dries well:

Available: Year round
Pictured: Matsumoto Asters
General Cut Flower Care: Keep the water in the vase of your Matsumoto Aster fresh. Replace the water every 3 days with cold water keeping the water level near the top of the vase. Re-cut 1/2" from the base of each Matsumoto Aster stem under water using a sharp knife with each water change. Remove any foliage that may become submerged after re-cutting to avoid bacterial growth in the vase water.

Variety note: Matsumoto Asters are available year round in shades of pink, reds, purple, lavender and bi-colors in 10 stem bunches. Stems lengths vary depending on time of year. During the spring and summer months its not uncommon to see Matsumoto Aster bunches that are four feet long. During the winter months stem lengths can be as short as 24". Matsumoto Asters can be grown in the garden as an annual here in Colorado.

Add a commercial floral preservative such as AquaPlus or FloraLife to the vase that contains your Matsumoto Aster with each water change. Floral preservative helps to prevent bacteria growth and feeds your Matsumoto Aster flowers insuring a long vase life. To make your own cut flower food mix 1/2 teaspoon of table sugar to a quart of cold water... mixing thoroughly.

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