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February 23, 2014 – 04:06 pm

How to care of aster flower? Here is some Aster flower care tips and instructions that will help you to care of your Aster. Knowing all the good qualities of aster flowers, no wonder why people are crazy about them and plan on having them home. Why is it so preferred by man? Actually it has a cluster of about 100 tiny yellow-orange tubular flowers known as disk flowers, surrounded by colorful petals called ray flowers. Having few of them, it will appear like so many. In addition, pollination takes place between the bisexual tubular flowers, as they contain both; a pistil and stamens, while the ray flowers are mostly sterile. However, there are few people know about the fact that it can grow easily with minimal effort to make on taking care of them. So we will educate you and share the know how of caring for the aster flower.
Aster Flower Care Tips

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Once, you are able to plant it and transplant it properly by following the steps orderly. You have to water them regularly to get grip of themselves and get established. Besides, you need to fertilize and prune off tall gawky stems before it’s time for the buds to appear and make sure that they are free from diseases and pests. You can simply pinch off the main stem to let a way for lateral shoots, so that you can give a chance for bushier look of them in your garden. The good news is aster is a quite resistant plant. The foliage is the most vulnerable part that gets infected with rust and powdery mildew. You can apply a spray of germicide to get rid of it. During winter, you have to reduce watering, and give the plants a hard prune. In addition, mulching is also substantial to protect your plant from extreme winters.

What do you think guys? Isn’t it pretty simple and cheap for a great amusement of seeing such beauty at home anytime you want? Little sacrifice is nothing compared to the fantastic final result. So have a nice try.

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