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Asteromea mongolica Japanese aster from North Creek Nurseries

August 6, 2014 – 11:32 pm

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(syn. Kalimeris pinnatafida 'Hortensis')

Tough and easy to grow, this enchanting aster cousin is covered in hundreds of double white flowers from mid-summer to frost. Undemanding by nature, it is ideal for most any sunny garden spot and is a great container plant. Fantastic flower in arrangements too, easier to grow and lasts longer than Baby's Breath.

Asteromea mongolica - 72 per flat $46.08


2-3 Feet


1-2 Feet

Bloom Color


USDA Hardiness Zone 4-8

Japanese aster Interesting Notes

In talks I present or lists of plants I make, this plant goes near the top of "no-brainers": one of which can be planted without fear of failure. I have seen this double white-flowered sun-loving plant from Vermont to south Georgia, Washington to California, and have seldom been disappointed. Most of the leaves are pinnately lobed (pinnatifid) although upon examination, some of the leaves are entire. The double white flowers with their yellow stamens sometimes start out single but as plants mature throughout the season, flowers are double.

Other than it's remarkable adaptability, there is nothing particularly spectacular about the plants. It is their ability to be totally ignored and abused that endears them to gardeners. I recommend this one. They are best suited to sunny locations but also do well in partial shade. Even in the shaded Armitage garden, plants are always one of the best performers. ~ Allan Armitage

Asteromea mongolica Growing and Maintenance Tips

Grow in full sun dry to average soil. At home in the formal garden or parking lot. Very tolerant of adverse conditions.

Deer Resistant

Fast Growing


Part Sun


Drought Tolerant


Cut Flower



Season of Interest (Flowering)


Mass Planting
Roadside Planting


50 WONDER OF STAFFA ASTER Aster Frikartii Flower Seeds
Lawn & Patio ()
  • BLOOM TIME: Late Summer - Early Fall
  • PLANT HEIGHT: 18 - 24 . . . PLANT SPACING: 18 - 24
  • LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Sun - Part Shade . . . SOIL/WATER: Average
  • Attracts bees, butterflies, and birds.

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100 PURPLE NEW ENGLAND ASTER (Michaelmas Daisy) Aster Novae var Angliae Flower Seeds
Lawn & Patio ()
  • BLOOM TIME: Fall
  • PLANT HEIGHT: 36 - 48 . . . PLANT SPACING: 18 - 24
  • LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Sun - Part Shade . . . SOIL/WATER: Average
  • These large showy flowers attract birds, bees, and butterflies including MONARCHS!

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