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August 22, 2012 – 09:02 am

I (Esther) first met Melissa at a farmer’s market when she had just started out, and I have wanted to visit ever since because I just knew it was gonna live up to my expectations – and it sure did.

Aster B. Flower Farm Ipswich MA Photographer

Just like us, Melissa is a lover of all things DIY and simple. She has built a market of conscious brides looking to purchase in-season, local flowers who often create their own florals and bouquets for their wedding day.

But we know she has also caught the eye of more and more designers who come to her for the freshest flowers.

Aster B. also offers a CSA (yes, a flower CSA. What better gift could that be to yourself or a family member? Or even as a wedding present!) that we have been dying to get for our studio.


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