Aster Flower Germination

Aster Seed germination and cultural information

June 30, 2013 – 06:51 am

Seedlings of aster flower


Pot plant, container and patio plant, suitable for garden

Plant Height:

15 - 20 cm (width – 30 cm)


January through to May 15 - 20 ºC. Cover with a thin layer of fine vermiculite.

Germination in 2 -3 weeks

A pre sowing fungicide drench against damping off disease would be recommended.

Approximate crop timing (mid season)

Sowing to flowering 15 weeks.

Sowing Early January will give a flowering saleable plant by the beginning of May.

Seedling to flowering 10 weeks (week 6 – 16 deliveries)

Growing on:

Temperature 15 ºC night minimum with 20-25 ºC day to promote vegetative growth. A minimum of 18 ºC night during flower development.

Gradually lower temperature to 12 - 16ºC once well rooted will give good plant habit, but onset of flowering will be delayed.

pH 6.0 - 6.5

Feeding Regular background NPK balanced feeding

Growth regulation Not always necessary, but plants do respond to Daminozide (Dazide, B-Nine) at 3.5 g/litre

Pack/Pot size 9 –10 cm

Advice Plants are very sensitive to over fertilisation. Roots can be easily burned by excessive nutrient content of the compost. Grow on a dry regime.

Common diseases Fusarium Wilt disease (Starlight relatively resistant to wilt)

Common pests Whitefly, Thrip

Any chemicals referred to should be used only in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

The Technical and cultural details are written for gardeners and growers, they are not cut and dried and are for information purposes only.


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... the party is over ...

by that, I mean summer is over and fall, with it's chilly nights, is triggering the passing of my flower garden.
I don't normally post here but couldn't help myself with having just arranged my last bouquet from an annual flower garden.
I have gleaned and saved flower seeds for nearly 40 years -- cosmos, sunflower, zinnea, love in a mist, poppy, nasturium, aster, snapdragon, calendula, marigold, morning glory and a host of colorful wildflowers.
I have shared my seeds and floral bouquets with friends, neighbors and strangers.
I have...

Moon Garden...Wav

Taking plant sugestions for my up-coming moon garden(CNY)....
I already have in mind the following:
1) Queen Anne's Lace
2) Shasta Daisy
3) Wave Petunia
4) Geranium (White)
5) Lambs Ear
6) Moon Flower (Jipsum Weed)
7) Aster
8) ConeFlower (White)
Anyone have annual, or most importantly, perrenial suggestions? Im wide open to ideas. Fall bulbs are a thought aswell.

As Davy Crockett said, "You may all go to

Hell, and I will go to Texas." Lawd, I do miss Texas.
But to stay on the gardening topic, there is a lovely book, Gardening in South Texas, by Renton, Newcomer, and Bates. Out of print.
For August, these are the flowers recommended for starting from seed:
"Aster, Bell of Ireland, Calendula, Candytuft, Canterbury bell (annual only), Cosmos, Delphinium (perennial), Hollyhock, Pansy, Petunia, Snapdragon, Stock, Sweet William, Tithonia (sacred flower of the Incas), Wallflower, and Zinnia." p. 25 And, I am sure, there are many more.

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